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Sterling Garages - Custom Garages

Sterling Garages was founded to meet the demand on Vancouver Island for custom garages with quality garage flooring, industrial-grade cabinets and storage solutions. Three friends developed Sterling Garages with the goal to create a space that can be useful and efficient for garage essentials.  Displaying a classic car or a work space, Sterling Garages will provide solid products and excellent service.  Many home owners do not use their garage for anything and the extra space goes unused. This can easily be transformed into an area that is used for carpentry projects or an art studio. Mike, Kelly and Brad create custom garages for home owners that are building their dream house or need a custom garage to maximize home space.



Hayley Cabinet Examples


The cabinets are powder-coated and gorgeous. The durable flooring has a beautiful sheen upon completion. The wall storage cabinets are so useful to put away unsightly jackets or equipment. It is the absolute best to create a custom garage that suit your needs—a man cave or a woman room!