Garage Flooring

Our garage flooring is the only company in Victoria or on Vancouver Island that offers this high performance garage flooring with a polyaspartic coating system. This revolutionary product is outstanding in its performance in addition to being aesthetically striking.Clients choose this flooring product because it is durable, resistant and looks incredible. It is stain resistant and this includes oil and battery acid.

Garage Floors

Performance Coating offers:

One day install • 6 hours walk on •  24 hours drive on • Seamless Flooring with unique finish • Concrete protection in the most demanding high-traffic situations • Diamond Grinding preparation and concrete repair if necessary • Exceptional adhesion- Integrates into concrete rather than sitting on top of surface like epoxy • Chemical resistant to battery acid, oil and other tough chemicals • 4x’s wear resistant to epoxy • Stain resistant/UV stable/non-yellowing • 10 year warranty • Water resistant • Low odor, VOC compliant